MORE Partners for a Thriving South LA

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Are you a socially-aware health nut trying to survive in South LA? With the proper resources and guidance, it IS possible! Visit some of our wonderful partners who are working to nurture a thriving South LA community. Do yo know of some other groups making changes for food access in South LA? Drop a link in […]

9 Surprisingly Healthful Foods!

These common foods have some surprising health benefits!

It seems that every week, scientists and food experts are announcing a new superfood that is supposed to cure what ails you. Many of these “superfoods” are not available to every person due to their location in a food desert, or because sometimes they are just too dang expensive. If this sounds familiar, I have […]

11 Groups Promoting Health in South LA

Teacher training at Green Tree

We at SoLA Food Co-Op greatly value the health of our friends and neighbors, and luckily, we are not alone in our drive to promote healthy lifestyles and health in South LA. Community leaders, organic gardeners, non-profit groups, and residents are coming together to inspire and encourage our communities to aspire to health. This is […]

Five Shopping Guides for Organics, Sustainability, and Social Responsibility. Get One Now and Get Shopping!

Only TEN companies control almost all of the "food" available in the U.S. Get a few shopping guides to keep your family eating clean, organic food.

By Hawk McFadzen Grocery shopping isn’t as easy as it used to be anymore, is it? Giant corporations own everything and aren’t exactly transparent with their ingredients, methods, or sources, not to mention their politics, fair trade/wages, and community involvement. Add in to all that mess your personal choices like avoiding gluten, hydrolyzed oils, phthalates, […]

Join us for a FREE screening of GMO OMG

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SoLA Food Co-Op is hosting a free screening of the film GMO OMG by Jeremy Seifert on Saturday, February 7th from 2-5 PM at the Baldwin Hills Library Please RSVP here   It is hard enough to try to keep up with food trends and to keep track of what is healthy and what is […]

SoLA Food Co-op presents: Free Hypertension Awareness Workshop

Hypertension Awareness Workshop

Ever wonder how diet affects your blood pressure? Looking for holistic ways to get and stay healthier? Want to see a change in food access in your community? Join us on Saturday Nov. 15, when SoLA Food Co-op will offer a free workshop at the Baldwin Hills Public Library . Hypertension, Diet and You Featuring a […]

Grilled Avocados with Corn and Watermelon Salsa

A wonderful Vegan BBQ item!  Cool and refreshing, spicy and sweet!

With a combination of healthy oils, vitamin C, lycopene, fiber, and a host of antioxidants and phytonutrients, this is a great power snack that is the perfect blend of spicy, toasty, sweet, and cold. Avocados are an incredible source of pantothenic acid (helps the body to effectively use fats and carbs), vitamin K, fiber, and […]

Pollination Project Grant Award


SoLA has recently been awarded a one thousand dollar grant from The Pollination Project. This grant will support us in bringing more educational workshops on tools for healthy living to our community. The Pollination Project makes $1,000 seed grants to change makers every day of the year. For more info, click here:  

Sukuma Wiki: Stretching the Week with Braised Greens

Braised Greens from East Africa

There are so many things that I love about this recipe, but mostly, I love the name. Sukuma Wiki in Swahili translates to “stretch the week”, and that’s exactly how I feel most of the time. Fortunately, with some good cooking techniques, your week-stretching dishes can taste like more than just filler. The name Sukuma […]