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The SoLA Food Co-op is in the beginning phases of forming itself into a viable cooperatively organized business. It’s goal is to create a source for natural, organic, non-GMO food in South Los Angeles.

As a co-op, we are much more than just another natural foods store—we’re actually owned by our local community. Unlike the national chain stores, we exist to serve you, our owners—not a distant corporate board.

Because we’re truly local, owning a piece of your co-op is really about owning a piece of your community.

As an owner, you have a say in how your co-op is run. We pride ourselves on being highly responsive to your input. Because all of our owners have an equal share in our co-op, we welcome owner feedback and encourage engagement on all levels. Our democratic ownership allows our board, management and staff to remain committed to providing the best service and shopping experience possible.

In fact, a co-op is the most democratic form of business in existence today…and you can be a part of it!

Here are 3 simple FREE ways you can help:
  1. “Like” us on Facebook
  2. Follow us on Twitter
  3. Follow our Instagram
  4. Spread the word any way you can. The success of any co-op is in the numbers of people involved.

Note: You do NOT have to live in the LA area to help us with this. So please lend a hand if you can, and please spread the word.

Meet the SoLA Food Co-op’s Board of Directors:



Bahni Turpin – Board Member and President

Bahni Turpin is the original visionary of SoLA Food Co-op....
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Sondrina Bullitt – Board Member and Treasurer

Sondrina Bullitt was voted Treasurer of the board in 2013,...
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DeMille Halliburton - Board Member

DeMille Halliburton – Board Member

DeMille Halliburton – Managing Director: Sports, Entertainment & Special Risks...
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Monique Marshall – Board Member and Secretary

Monique Marshall is currently a second grade teacher at Wildwood...
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Sankofa - Board Member

Sankofa – Board Member and Vice President

Sankofa, is a Southern California native, a loving father, an...
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Keisa Davis – Board Member

Keisa Davis is a South Los Angeles native who has...
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